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Job offers
Back-end Developer(Python, Django)



Salary: 4,000 € - 5,000 €
Living and working
Sweden is an amazing place – brilliant nature, a healthy roster of world-leading companies, and a well-functioning welfare system. So it should come as no surprise that the country attracts all sorts of talented foreigners who choose to relocate to Sweden for work, love, or any of a host of other reasons. Swedes generally have around five weeks of vacation a year, plus a generous amount of public national holidays, and this combined with a very family-oriented culture contributes to a strong sense of work/life balance, even in the capital city. Even the more demanding and fast-paced industries will have fewer working hours per week compared to companies in many other Western and Asian cities. Sweden is full of workplaces, organizations, political groups, and the like that are very non-hierarchical. It’s important to Swedes that everyone from the secretary to the CEO has a voice and is treated equally. Upper management doesn’t tend to get a great deal more benefits (rare is the “corner office” concept) than anyone else in a company. This may feel unusual to some expats but it makes for a society where many are comfortable in their workplace and can approach anyone without much bureaucracy.
Cost of living
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It’s true, winters in Sweden are long and quite dark. In December there is but about six hours of daylight. For the high latitude it sits at, however, the country has better weather than one would expect. There may be a longer time to wait for spring, but sunny snowy days are abundant in Sweden.
19 c
Average summer
-7 c
Average winter