Experienced Software Developer(IoT)

Copenhagen, Denmark

ILIAS Solutions

Salary: 5,200 € - 7,200 €
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The Danish competence center, is looking for an experienced software developer. You will work with IoT, telematics and newest cloud-technology. The Danish ILIAS Competence center is working with: Machine Learning and AI for predictive analysis of data from vehicles and other machinery for the military. We are looking for a resultoriented coleauge that likes to work in a small and dedicated team developing new technology products, that can be integrated with larger ERP-solutions.
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About company
You will be part of ILIAS Solutions - a very successful international company, with a pragmatic and energetic work approach. We are an independent, self-managed Danish competence center of ILIAS Solutions, consisting of a small team of specialists within: statistics, AI and data science. We have our focus on defevloping flexible solutions/products primarily for the defense, in close cooperation with ILIAS Solutions, in order to be able to integrate our solutions into the ILIAS ERP-system - if needed. Our office is based in the innovative science park at DTU Science park. Through our network in DTU Science you can participate in free events from many other high-tech companies who - like us - raise the newest research from the university environment to the business area. We have huge ambitions for growth, and our roadmap is packed with exciting tasks, which will be implemented with the newest technology and as we are a small specialized entity, you will have a rich opportunity to put your own touch on the technological platform we are building. Our mindset for development is characterized by builiding pragmatic and robust, high quality products adding value to the customer’s work process improvement (CBM) as well as improving profit. Our international team consists of a mix of very experienced people, but also junior developers and a mix of women and men. We consider diversity a strength, and everybody with aforementioned competences, no matter age or cultural background is encouraged to apply. ILIAS Solutions corporate headquarter is in Brussels. The competence center is based at DTU Science Park in Lyngby. Please find more information about ILIAS Solution on: www.ilias-solutions.com
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